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Brand Profile: Dana Lee New York

Posted by Ken Pickart on 08 Aug, 2014

Dana Lee, Vancouver-native turned New Yorker, started her eponymous line in 2009. Recently, she's garnered quite the following over on Reddit's MFA (Male Fashion Advice board) and for good reason. The first word that comes to mind when viewing her clothing is "wearable" followed by "simple" and "nostalgic". Her lookbooks always feel like fuzzy warm mis-developed polaroids. While her clothes look like they could blend into the wardrobe of a Wes Anderson movie, they don't seem to costumey. She seems to distill the aesthetic's of 70's or 90's and updatse them for 2014. The simplicity of the garments means they lend themselves to any kind of wardrobe. The "Dana Lee on People" section of her website highlights all the different ways it can be worn. The word "essential" gets tossed around a little too much in the #menswear world but it's safe to say that a lot Dana Lee's work is applicable. What makes it even more great is it's all responsibly made in Canada or right here in the US. Coincidently (well not really) her S/S 14 collection is now on sale on her webstore. Below the jump check out some pictures of her lookbooks, people wearing Dana and some individual pieces.

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Lusting After: Full-Zip Cardigans

Posted by Ken Pickart on 30 Jul, 2014

Yes, I am are aware that is still July and that the thermometer reads 80+ degrees farenheit. That's not going to stop me from daydreaming of fall. In that daydream, right before I hop on my bike to cruise through the fallen leaves to go grab a hot apple cider - what do I grab? A full-zip cardigan. I know that zippers on cardigans have a bad rep. There's nothing more inherently dad-style than a quarter zip sweater with a t-shirt underneath, ratty jeans and boat shoes. (We aren't talking cool dad-style either) Full-zip treatments are usually just as bad. Hear me out though, brands like Acne, Ganryu, and Stephan Schneider are trying to breathe new life into the full-zip and I am a huge fan. I think it hits the sweet spot between tech (zipper) and tradition (sweater) perfectly; a pairing that always draws me in. There is a the knit bomber - which takes the increasingly popular MA-1 silhouette and renders it softer and less egdy by swapping nylon for knit. Then there is the full-zip shawl collar cardigan - which takes the classic irish/fisherman aesthetic and makes it modern with a zipper rather than buttons.

Below the jump you'll find a few options of full-zip cardigans we are lusting after. Of course, and is always the case with us, under-retail. In case you're not convinced, we've included a couple looks with the cardigans too. 

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What We Wish We Were Wearing - Unionmade Sale Picks

Posted by Ken Pickart on 27 Jun, 2014

Although it seems summer has just started, it’s already our favorite time of year hear at stylebidder: end of season sales! San Francisco’s Unionmade started their bi-annual sale this week with some items up to 40% off. Unionmade puts a big emphasis in their buys on clothes that are well (and usually domestic) made, so you are guaranteed to be getting quality for less. Although it is pretty likely they will do another price drop in the coming weeks, we recommend buying any must-haves now. You never know what will sell out! 

Here are some of our favorites from the sale in this edition of "What We Wish We Were Wearing."


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